Science Score for kids

Science Score

Subject matter: Science (Cells, Diversity, Energy, Environment, Forces, Matter, Solar Systems, Systems, Technology, Water, and more)
Grades: Third to Sixth Grade (ages 8-12) Students, Teachers, and Home Schooling Parents

Offering Visual Quizzes Online
Many elementary schools will be winding up to start teaching students different topics in science. President Obama wants our nation to improve math and science scores. If we, as parents, teachers, administrative and relatives don’t encourage their interest in science before the 4th grade, we’re sunk (or almost). After 4th grade, puberty hits in, and our daughters and sons almost become different species. Biology, however, becomes a very interesting topic, especially with the opposite sex…and their symbiotic relationships with friends, their clothes, sports, etc. offers visual quizzes on a wide variety of topics to help teach and encourage students. If students correctly answer the questions, they earn points which can be exchanged to clothes to dress their avatar, decorate their cave, etc. We live in a digital world, and angling for a student’s interest with their nose in a computer game is no easy task.

What Is Offered offers these quizzes online for free. No CDs, DVDs, or membership required. They also provide Did You Know? questions with interesting information. However, they do offer a membership fee for Chat, to receive thousands of different quizzes and new weekly questions, access to interactive games, dressing up the mascot “Poskey”, decorating their own caves, and purchasing new virtual animals. “Edutainment” is starting to achieve higher levels.

Demos and information links are offered, so check those out, and try a few quizzes. If students don’t know the answers, there is educational material to help out.

Quizzes cover 100% material for standards in the Singapore school system, plus 70% for U.S. and English science standards. Material is written in English, however, being online is available for young minds all over the globe.

Runs On Windows Operating System
Right now quizzes are accessible on Windows. I couldn’t open any quizzes on my Mac, but that’s suppose to change. The system does operate on Firefox and Safari.

What I observed from the demos were simple, colorful answers providing creative quizzes to both visual and tactile learners the capability to understand, and enjoy science. Hey, sometimes we just have to show students a new site, let themselves get hooked and off they go. With science, it’s pretty easy to find interesting material!

System Requirements: Web based browser, Quizzes on Windows, hopefully soon it will be available for Macs
Cost: Free, extra quizzes must sign up for Membership: $20/month; $96 for six months; $144 for one year

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Chicago Sears Tower

Chicago Sears Tower

Chicago Sears Tower

The Sears Tower in Chicago was the world’s tallest building  in 1973.

Today it is the tallest building in North America.

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Sony Ericsson w205

Sony Ericsson w205

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Automatic Tree cutter

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Solar Eclipse 2009

Solar Eclipse 2009 july22

Click here to watch video on youtube

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Top Influential Bloggers

Influential bloggers

Influential bloggers


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